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Green Deal Finance

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How does Green Deal Finance work?

The Government’s Green Deal aims to increase energy efficiency for 14 million households by offering energy efficient products at no upfront cost.

A big attraction to the Green Deal is that the finance is attached to the property and not the individual home owner. The loan can be structured over 25 years and is repaid through the homeowner’s electricity bill.

The Green Deal’s “Golden Rule” states that the homeowner will not pay back any more than they make in energy bill savings!

There are around 50 energy saving measures available through the Green Deal including insulation, heating and renewable energy technologies.

How does the Green Deal work in practice?

A Futureproof advisor will visit your home or business and produce a Green Deal plan including an occupancy assessment and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The plan – for which there is NO cost – recommends the best energy saving measures for the property and indicate the level of Green Deal Finance available.

By using a Futureproof engineer, homeowners and business owners are assured that any work undertaken will be carried out to the very highest standard with no compromise on quality and only using industry-leading materials.

Once the work is completed, the installer is paid in full by one of the Government’s Green Deal Providers.